K-12 classrooms wave flags of pro-terrorist organization

Now, several chapters of Black Lives Matter have taken to social media to defend Hamas.

A trend of K-12 teachers hanging BLM posters and signs has sparked legislation initiatives in recent years.

In recent years, teachers in K-12 schools have taken to flying Black Lives Matter (BLM) flags in their classrooms. Now, the group that these flags represent is making statements in favor of Hamas.

In 2022, Third-grade teacher and influencer Alyssa Altimas of Westside Neighborhood School in Los Angeles, California took to Instagram to post her classroom setup, which included a BLM poster. Altimas is just one of a wave of teachers decorating her classroom with BLM paraphernalia. 

In June, a national teachers’ union issued guidance to educators who wished to fight for the right to hang BLM and other “diversity” related flags in K-12 classrooms.

In 2022, multiple school districts and schools chose to ban BLM and other political flags and displays in classrooms as teachers across the country erected them.

But now, BLM chapters around the nation have been open about their support of the of Hamas following the group’s recent terror attacks against Israel, and justifying the attacks as justified acts of “reistance.”

On Oct. 2, in a now-deleted post on X, BLM Chicago posted a graphic of a person parachuting with a Palestinian flag. “I stand with Palestine,” read the graphic, with BLM adding the caption “[t]hat is all that is it!”. The parachute is a reference to a method of attack used by Hamas to attack Israeli civilians.

Several other BLM chapters also took to social media in support of Hamas. 

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Des Moines’ BLM chapter promoted a pro-Hamas protest, stating that “Israel is committing genocide with full support of the US. We can’t sit by and watch.”

Phoenix Metro’s BLM chapter promoted an “All Out for Palestine” rally, stating that “[i]t’s shameful, cruel, and in the service of white supremacy and imperialism to still be silent right now. There are no ‘both sides’ to genocide. Rally and protest for Palestine on Saturday!”

South Bend’s BLM chapter put out an advertisement for a pro-Palestine rally, stating that “Palestine is under attack from Israeli colonialist forces again after decades of occupation. We are calling all friends of Palestine to rally in support of the Palestinian people.”

The official Instagram page of BLM Grassroots also put out a statement in favor of Hamas, saying that “”[w]hen a people have been subject to decades of apartheid and unimaginable violence, their resistance must not be condemned, but understood as a desperate act of self-defense.”

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“Black Lives Matter Grassroots stands in solidarity with our Palestinian family who are currently resisting 75 years of settler colonialism and apartheid,” the post’s caption read. “It’s that important, we just had to say it again…”

The trend of BLM paraphernalia in classrooms, despite BLM’s blatant support of Hamas, is a part of a larger trend of anti-Semitism overwhelming academia. Campus Reform has extensively reported on this trend, as well as the increase in anti-Semitic rhetoric after the Oct. 7 attack on Israel.