This K-12 school in Tennessee promotes Vanderbilt's 'Pediatric Transgender Clinic' for minors

A K-12 school in Tennessee is facilitating a Gender and Sexuality Alliance organization for grades 9-12.

The organization promotes Vanderbilt University Medical Center's ‘Pediatric Transgender Clinic’, as recently exposed by the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh.

The University School of Nashville (USN), a K-12 school in Tennessee, is facilitating a Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) organization for grades 9-12. The organization promotes Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s (VUMC) ‘Pediatric Transgender Clinic’, as recently exposed by the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh. 

The school’s GSA claims “to promote a welcoming educational and social environment for all students” and “to partner with others both in and beyond our community on matters of student diversity, equality, safety, and well-being,” according to their website. 

The GSA’s website also provided a now-deleted link to projects that are listed as “helpful” resources, including the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital ‘s Transgender Clinic.

Recently, Matt Walsh, a conservative commentator, unearthed video evidence about VUMC that “show clinic staff admitting to giving cross-sex hormones to minors as young as 13,” according to the Daily Caller

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Walsh released a string of videos that also show Dr. Shayne Taylor, who works for VUMC, claiming that the gender transition game is a “big money maker” due to the surgeries needing a lot of “follow-ups”. 

In response to the leaked videos, VUMC sent out a statement on Sept. 21 about their transgender health care, claiming that “because transgender individuals are a high-risk population for mental and physical health issues and have been consistently underserved by the U.S. health system.” 

VUMC continues by saying that they require the consent of the parent for a minor patient “to be seen for issues related to transgender care and never refuses parental involvement in the care of transgender youth who are under age 18.”

A handful of other “resources” such as “The Binder Project” and the “Vanderbilt Trans Buddy Project” are listed on USN’s GSA website. 

In VUMC’s statement, it defended the Trans Buddy program.

“The Trans Buddy program mentioned in the video [Matt Walsh shared] has received national acclaim,” the press release read. “Its purpose is to provide peer volunteers who support persons who are seeking highly personal care in an unfamiliar environment, and who may have been refused medical services in the past or avoided seeking them out of fear of being met with hostility.”

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USN Communications Director Juanita Traughber told Campus Reform, “The mission of the [GSA], a student-run organization for those in Grades 9-12, is aligned with that of the school…We know that identity development is one of the hallmarks of adolescence; we support all of our students’ identities and work with them to have healthy conversations with their families about their awareness of themselves as growing individuals.”

Other applications on GSA’s website direct students to a link where minors can “get a binder without your parents knowing” and that “the general concept can apply to anything you want to buy online.” 

“Open a private window on your browser and pick the binder you want online,” the page instructs. The website continues by saying that “if you don’t have access to a computer at home, use one at the library.” 

GSA’s website also links to the Point of Pride organization which “provides free chest binders (specially-designed chest compression garments) to any trans person who needs one and cannot afford or safely obtain one,” according to their website. 

Campus Reform contacted the University School of Nashville, GSA, and the VUMC’s Gender Clinic for comment and will update accordingly.