'KEEP PRO-LIFERS OFF CAMPUS': Students face pro-abortion aggression at Oregon State

The Students for Life chapter at Oregon State says it continues to face repeated vandalization by pro-abortion students on campus.

Campus Reform has continuously covered the rise in pro-abortion aggression at American universities.

Video obtained by Campus Reform shows students dismantling a pro-life display at Oregon State University.

Students for Life at OSU President Rebecca Lang contacted Campus Reform to report that the group has been under repeated attacks by pro-choice students on campus. 

On Apr. 27, OSU Students for Life erected a Cemetery of the Innocents display on campus in which hundreds of pink flags were placed to symbolize aborted fetuses. However, according to Lang, it was not long before protesting students began vandalizing the display. 

“Many of them began to curse, shout, flip us off, kick the flags over and throw them into the quad grass,” Lang told Campus Reform

“By the afternoon our freshman club member found out that the students were organizing themselves on a private Snapchat group of freshmen at the university to vandalize and steal our property and encourage others who were a part of the group,” Lang alleged.

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Video footage obtained by Campus Reform shows a student taking a flag as a Students for Life member cleaned up a display. The member eventually successfully retrieves the flag.

Lang also said the group received backlash from peers for hosting former Planned Parenthood Clinic Manager Marya Rodriguez to “share the truth about who Planned Parenthood is and how they profit off vulnerable women in their most desperate hour,” according to Lang. 

Campus Reform obtained photos of flyers posted on campus criticizing the Rordriguez event. One calls on students to “keep pro-lifers off campus.”  Another says that Oregon State has a history of allowing “christofascist” speakers and “instigators” to speak at the university. 

Campus Reform has continuously covered the rise in pro-abortion aggression at American universities.

For example, students at Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) wrote “F**k dem Kids” in front of a Students for Life “Abortion Is Not Right” display

In another incident, a professor in New York was arrested for disrupting a pro-life event by unplugging a digital LED display at the University of Albany, confirming the trend in pro-abortion aggression. 

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 “No amount of backlash, vandalism, crime, or threats of violence are going to stop us from telling the truth about abortion and offering women, hope, healing, and real resources so that they can choose life for their unborn children and continue to follow their dreams and aspirations at OSU,” said Lang.

Campus Reform contacted all relevant parties for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

To report on instances of pro-abortion aggression on your college campus, send Campus Reform news tip today. 

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