Kent State pro-life memorial vandalized, defaced with pro-Palestine messages, students say

A pro-life student group at Kent State University, Flashes for Life, dedicated a 'cemetery of innocents' for the lives lost to abortion in Ohio each year.

The display appears to have been defaced and ruined, with flags being thrown in the trash and pro-Palestine messages left behind.

Pro-life activists at Kent State University in Ohio say their “cemetery of innocents” display was vandalized on campus in remembrance of the babies lives lost to abortion.

On March 13, local activists planted 1,000 flags on campus along with signs that stated, “1 flag = 18 abortions” to represent the nearly 18,000 unborn deaths to abortion in Ohio each year.

By the end of the day, all flags are said to have been torn from the ground with accompanying signage defaced. Some signs were drawn over and used to display pro-Palestine messages.

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“1000 kids have died in Palestine since October 7th 2023,” one poster read in reference to Israel’s response to Hamas’ recent terrorist attacks. “Where’s your outrage now?,” another poster stated.

Mark Phillips, a Kent State student and member of Flashes For Life, which helped organize the display, told Campus Reform that the memorial was vandalized within hours of its setup.

“Every flag was thrown away before the night was over,” he said. “It’s frustrating to see my effort and time I put into my work be undone and [Kent State] regretting to do anything about it.”

Other students posted hateful rhetoric to Kent State social media pages in response to the advocacy against abortion.

“F*cking posers,” Kent State student Anna Ulatowski posted to Kent State’s campus Snapchat page. “You don’t care about babies or children that are actually struggling you just want to control women.”

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Ulatowski’s also claimed that unborn babies could not feel pain and called the Flashes for Life club members “brain dead”.

“Those that put on the display should absolutely be ashamed of themselves,” Ulatowski told Campus Reform. “Keep your disgusting anti choice filth off my campus.”

On Kent State’s campus, those who identify as pro-life instantly “become public enemy number one,” Turning Point USA President Brady Seymour told Campus Reform.

“It’s treated as almost a bad thing to want more babies to be born,” he said. “It’s incredibly sad.” 

Campus Reform has contacted Kent State University for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.