KU TA: YAF prez 'garbage human being, 'motherf***er'

Mark White, a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Kansas, blasted KU student and KU Young Americans for Freedom President Gabriel Lepinski on Twitter Sunday night.

This comes after Lepinski’s YAF chapter meeting was overrun by other students last week. At the meeting held by the University’s YAF chapter last Thursday, the protesters shouted about alleged forms of oppression they claim to face at KU. Gabriel Lepinski, the club president who was present at the meeting, says he gave his email address to one of the protestor and asked for laws at KU that oppress minorities.

He tweeted, “Over 2 days since I gave my email to a sjw and asked them to email me laws at ku oppressing minorities. Nothing yet!”

In response, Mark White tweeted that “this motherfucker even tweeting like trump, shit. can’t wait to see you walking on campus with that red armband.” White also declared Lepinski a “garbage human being.”

The reference to a red armband is apparently a reference to the Nazi swastika.

Among other statements made by White were, “fuck off my campus, go study at Liberty University,” and, “I’m not here to make good arguments. I’m here to say: fuck you.” At one point White used the term, “…your lilly [sic] white dream,” to describe a Trump presidency.

Mark White, who, according to his KU bio, earned a B.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in Sociology at the University of Missouri, describes his research interests as follows:

White has since deleted his Twitter account.

KU spokespersons did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.

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