Lawrence Jones on disdain for Pledge of Allegiance: 'This starts on college campuses'

Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Jones reacted to the growing backlash to the Pledge of Allegiance on "Hannity."

Jones said the outrage, most recently manifest in Minnesota, "starts on college campuses."

Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Jones reacted to residents of a Minnesota town protesting the city council reciting the Pledge of Allegiance because they say it is not diverse enough. 

Jones traveled to the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park, located within Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar’s district, to ask people for their thoughts on the controversy. He later joined Fox’s Sean Hannity to discuss what those people said, and how the country has gotten to this point.  

As Campus Reform reported Wednesday, while the Pledge of Allegiance may have only recently become controversial in mainstream American culture, it has been under scrutiny on the nation’s college campuses for years. 

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”This starts on college campuses,” Jones said on Hannity Wednesday night. “There is this growing movement of professors and academics that are teaching these young people and teaching the public at large to hate America.”

”The bottom line is where are these people going to go?” Jones continued. “Where are they going to go if they are not going to be in America? If you can’t get freedom here where’s the next country that’s going to fight and defend all the other nations as well?” 

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