Lawrence Jones praises 'progress' on commencement speakers, warns colleges still 'indoctrinating our kids'

Despite this progress, though, Jones added, "let's not kid ourselves...our kids are being indoctrinated."

Campus Reform Editor-In-Chief Lawrence Jones praised the "progress" schools have made when it comes to commencement speakers.

Campus Reform Editor-In-Chief Lawrence Jones joined Fox & Friends over the weekend to weigh in on a recent Campus Reform analysis, which found a surprisingly ideologically balanced slate of 2019 college commencement speakers. 

As Campus Reform previously reported after analyzing the commencement speakers at the 50 largest public and private universities in the country,  just 26 of those 50 had any measurable lean to the Right or to the Left. Of those 26 speakers, 15 appeared to lean left while 11 appeared to lean right. The overall balance between liberal and conservative speakers is a change from years past when liberal speakers far out represented conservative speakers. 

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On Fox & Friends Saturday, Jones acknowledged this change as “progress.” 

”I think these colleges are afraid,” Campus Reform’s Editor-in-Chief said. “They know they have to make some type of a change but let’s not kid ourselves. This is one day. Although this is some progress, every single day in the classroom our kids are being indoctrinated.” 

Jones listed recent Campus Reform stories, including Harvard’s graduation for illegal immigrants, California Polytechnic University faculty members voting to ban Chick-fil-A, and the University of Georgia teaching assistant who has made several racially charged statements

”When you go down - list, list, list - every single school in the country and they are indoctrinating our kids, I think that’s something that we should be concerned about,” Jones said.

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