Leading ‘anti-racist’ prof calls the term ‘legal vote’ ‘racist’

Boston University professor Ibram Kendi said that the term “legal vote” is “fictionally fraught” and “racist.”

The statement comes as the Trump campaign files lawsuit in multiple states alleging voter fraud as President-elect Joe Biden begins a transition.

Boston University professor and head of the school’s Center for Antiracist Research Ibram X. Kendi criticized the use of the term “legal vote.”

“The term ‘legal vote’ is as fictionally fraught and functionally racist as the terms ‘illegal alien’ and ‘race neutral’ and ‘welfare queen” and ‘handouts’ and ‘super predator’ and ‘crackbaby’ and ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘post racial,’” said Kendi on Twitter.

“The misinformation of widespread voter fraud—or ‘illegal voting’—in Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Phoenix where Black and Brown voters predominate is baked into the term ‘legal vote,’” continued Kendi. “No matter what GOP propaganda says, there’s nothing wrong with those voters and votes.”

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The term “legal vote” arose after the results of the 2020 election, which the Trump campaign is currently challenging due to widespread allegations of voter fraud.

Kendi is the author of the book How to Be an Antiracist, which teaches that “the only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” 

Universities across the U.S. have encouraged or required students to read the book. 

In August, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donated $10 million to Kendi’s Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University, praising Kendi for his work.

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Campus Reform reached out to Kendi and will update this article accordingly.

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