Leftist students attempt to disrupt Olivia Krolczyk speaking event

Liberal students at Florida State University attempted to hamper a speaking event by Krolczyk, a conservative student and new Riley Gaines Center affiliate.

Krolczyk went viral earlier this year for failing an assignment after using the term 'biological women.'

Students at Florida State University (FSU) recently attempted to disrupt a speaking event by Olivia Krolczyk—a conservative student who went viral on TikTok earlier this year for failing an assignment after writing “biological women.” 

The speaking event, hosted by FSU Turning Point USA, was held on Oct. 10. However, leftist students attempted to disrupt the event by spamming the sign-up sheet with “Leave trans people alone.”

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The phrase was written by the students in all of the designated places on the digital sign-up sheet for first names, last names, emails, and phone numbers. 

“The left constantly screams that transgender groups need to be left alone, but what about women?,” Krolczyk told Campus Reform on Oct. 19.  She said that leftists need to “[l]eave women alone. Stop invading our sports, stop taking our awards, stop coming into our restrooms. Leave us alone.”

Krolczyk continued further, stating that “Why do the feelings of such a small group of mentally unstable men get to overshadow the feelings of women who don’t want men in their spaces? Men are not women and never will be.” 

In spite of the attempts to sabotage the event, Krolczyk spoke at FSU without any further disruptions. Her talk was held on “Real Women’s Day” since the Roman numerals for the date (10/10) are X/X, the chromosome pairing of females.

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In July, Campus Reform interviewed Krolczyk, who stated that she will continue calling out university faculty that target students for using terms like “biological women” in assignments. 

Krolczyk is also a Leadership Institute affiliate who is working with the institute’s newly-launched Riley Gaines Center

Campus Reform contacted Florida State University for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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