Leftist students plan to play copyrighted music to disrupt Matt Walsh speech

Walsh will be on campus to screen his film 'What is a Woman?'

University of California- Berkeley students plan to play copyrighted Disney music to prevent Matt Walsh from engaging with students on campus.

University of California- Berkeley (UC Berkeley) students are reportedly planning to blast copyrighted Disney music during a Matt Walsh event on Nov. 17, Young America’s Foundation tweeted.

Walsh will screen his documentary “What is A Woman?” on campus Nov. 17 at 7:00 PM. A Reddit forum titled “Guide to Matt Walsh and How to Successfully Handle His Visit” suggests playing loud, copyrighted music to prevent Walsh and his team from filming on campus.

Disney music is the answer… Disney has some of the best lawyers and generally has a monopoly on whether a video is taken down or not. Disney with the amount of rainbow capitalism it has produced throughout the past couple of years sure as hell will not want to be affiliated with Matt Walsh,” the forum post reads. 

“So, If Disney music is present when Matt Walsh is trying to interview any student he will not be able to post or make content out of his Berkeley trip.”

The forum also advises opponents to spam Walsh’s team with emails and direct messages to disrupt communication with the audience.

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) tweeted about the forum and ensured that it would “be watching and working to ensure students and faculty can exercise their right to organize expressive events and engage with speakers on campus.”

FIRE encourages UC Berkeley students to respond to speech with more speech, not violence or censorship,” Zach Greenberg, FIRE’s Program Officer, told Campus Reform. “When controversial speakers are invited to campus, students have ample ways to peacefully protest the speaker without disrupting the event.” 

He stated that “shutting down opposing views does a disservice to the entire student body.”

“Rather than silencing speaker or interfering with expressive events, students can best advance their views by hosting their own events, and by fostering more debate, dialogue, and discussion of the issues important to them on campus,” he said.

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The Berkeley College Republicans, who are hosting the event, tweeted on Oct. 28 about attempts to disrupt the event.

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Walsh’s college tour has prompted protests at colleges across the country. Walsh responded by claiming that since “the left has been very upset about” his tour, he “decided to make them even more upset” by adding an additional stop at UC Berkeley.

Campus Reform contacted every university, individual and organization for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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