Lehigh University prof argues that the field of public health sustains ‘White supremacy’

A Lehigh University sociology professor believes that the field of public health sustains White supremacy.

She called on leading public health bodies to create expectations 'around anti-racism education for students & practitioners.'

A Lehigh University professor is alleging that the field of public health supports White supremacy. 

Lehigh University sociology and anthropology professor Sirry Alang — who recently co-published a paper entitled “White Supremacy and the Core Functions of Public Health” — wrote on Twitter that public health institutions “need to engage with the reparations movement, rather than continuing to build endowments and wealth from stolen land, labor, breathes, and from genocides.”

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Alang stated that public health “sustains #whitesupremacy” because “white frames dominate teaching, research & practice.”

She also suggested that the Council on Education for Public Health and the Public Health Accreditation Board set expectations “around anti-racism education for students & practitioners with clear measurable goals for which someone is held ACCOUNTABLE!!”

“We must extend our professional responsibilities to include advocacy for policies articulated by anti-racist activist organizations, and leading/enforcing regulatory frameworks to dismantle white supremacy,” she added.

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Alang concluded that those in the public health field “must educate the public & policy-makers on manifestations of white supremacy.”

When contacted by Campus Reform, Alang declined to comment. 

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