Leo DiCaprio teams up with UCLA to train kids as young as 4 to be 'climate warriors'

UCLA Lab School instructs grades pre-K-6 and claims to be among the 'Pioneers of the Progressive Movement.'

A Lab School alumnus, DiCaprio noted his appreciation for how the school 'transformed' his 'worldview,' and expressed his enthusiasm in supporting the 'next generation of climate warriors.'

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio recently partnered with the UCLA Lab School to launch a scholarship fund and project to train students ages 4-12 to be “young climate leaders.” 

“This fund is endowed for perpetual support and will provide assistance that is critical to maintaining the diversity of our student population for generations to come,” read a press release on July 11. “The climate education program will work to inspire the next generation of young climate leaders and educate our youth about how to protect our planet.”

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The program is part of the Lab School’s new “green school” model, which UCLA anticipates will inspire similar programs globally.

“I was fortunate enough to attend the Lab School due to the generous contributions of UCLA donors, and my experience profoundly transformed my worldview,” DiCaprio said of the school. 

“I am proud to have the chance to pass on my experience to those who might otherwise miss out on this opportunity, and to help create a program that will help guide the next generation of climate warriors.”

The Lab School was established in 1882 and serves students from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. “Education for democracy and a just society is at the heart of UCLA Lab School’s mission,” its website states.

According to the Lab School’s press release: “The school engages with educators globally, both on-site and online, to share new knowledge and innovative approaches. Most importantly, UCLA Lab School helps children develop their natural love of learning and respectfully collaborate with others from diverse backgrounds.”

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According to its history web page, UCLA Lab School has been among the “Pioneers of the Progressive Movement” since its early days, referencing the work of former principal Corinne A. Seeds, who believed that “to keep education dynamic, children must have experiences that they care about.”

Both the Leonardo DiCaprio Scholarship Fund and climate education program will take effect starting in the 2023-2024 academic year.

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