LGBTQ+ advocacy stands out in 2021 diversity hiring

HigherEd Jobs lists over 300 job openings in 'Diversity and Multicultural Affairs' across dozens of universities.

LGBTQ-based positions were prevalent among hiring announcements for diversity, inclusion, and equity officers.

Just weeks away from the start of the fall 2021 semester, universities are ramping up hiring for new and existing diversity positions. 

As of August 5, HigherEd Jobs lists 367 openings in “Diversity and Multicultural Affairs” roles across dozens of universities. Campus Reform’s survey reveals an apparent demand for positions that specifically advance LGBT issues.

Below is a sample of ten positions schools are looking to fill for the coming academic year, including three with a stated focus on LGBT issues and enrollment.  

Jackson College - Liaison to the LGBTQIA+ Community

Jackson College is seeking “an individual who will serve as the liaison between Jackson College and the local LGBTQIA+ community.” For $17.00 an hour, this person will work to increase LGBTQIA+ student enrollment, coordinate campus celebration events with local groups, and create an outreach plan for “all potential students, families, places of worship and businesses that relate to local LGBTQIA+ community.” 

Florida International University - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Analyst

The DEI Analyst’s role is to ensure Florida International University meets DEI goals through statistical analysis and data mining. Reports produced by this employee will enable the university to measure the effectiveness of its diversity programs and predict future trends. According to the job listing, this full-time position earns a salary of up to $65,000 per year.

Stanford University - Graduate Medical Education Diversity Program Manager

Stanford’s medical school is looking for someone who can promote diversity in Graduate Medical Education and connected clinical training programs at the Stanford Health Care and Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. Duties of the position include interpreting policies for equitable recruitment, recruiting diverse medical students for clinical training programs, and meeting the “unique needs’’ of underrepresented students in medicine. 

Yale University - Director, Office of LGBTQ Resources

The Director of the Office of LGBTQ Resources will advise Yale administration on LGBTQ student issues, along with creating celebrations and events, partnering with campus student affinity groups and cultural centers, identifying systemic problems, and planning educational events that work towards equity. 

Century College - MCC African American Liaison

The African American Liaison position “exists to support the access, persistence, retention, and success of all students from historically underrepresented and marginalized populations at Century College.” Duties include developing “special initiatives and programs” to increase African American student retention, building partnerships with students of color, and creating programs to educate the campus on diversity. This position is paid up to $66,190 per year. 

SUNY Oneonta - Director of the Center for Racial Justice and Inclusive Excellence

The primary role of the Center for Racial Justice and Inclusive Excellence Director is creating “campus-wide diversity and inclusion trainings, programs, and events, including the celebration of various heritage months.” Other specific projects are to include creating a “social justice Museum & Learning Center” within the campus center, supporting internship opportunities for students interested in racial justice, and planning an annual “Student Diversity Leadership Conference.” 

Tufts University - Program Director, Antiracism Initiative - Provost’s Office

Tufts University’s Antiracism Initiative Director will be hired to develop goals based on knowledge of diversity and inclusion, manage budgets, create content for the website, and support the two Chief Diversity Officers.

University of Wisconsin, Madison - Chief Diversity Officer, College Of Agricultural & Life Sciences

The Chief Diversity Officer a position the job description says has been newly created is expected to create programs that help retain underrepresented students and staff, modify the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences curriculum to be more equitable, and contribute expertise to college committees.

UW Madison Director of News and Media Relations Meredith McGlone told Campus Reform this position will ensure Wisconsin remains “globally competitive.”

“This role will help the college ensure that we’re recruiting and retaining the highly talented students, faculty and staff that we need to ensure that Wisconsin remains globally competitive in the increasingly diverse fields of agriculture and life sciences,” she said.

Trinity College - Director of LGBTQ+ Life

Trinity College is hiring an LGBTQ+ life director to expand its Queer Resource Center, provide campus-wide education on LGBTQ+ issues, individually mentor students, and partner with other student organizations or campus departments.

Bentley University - Student Equity and Inclusion Coordinator

The person hired as Student Equity and Inclusion Coordinator will support students “as they explore their identities.” They will directly mentor students, set up student programs, and reach out to different identity groups to increase their success rates.

In an email to Campus Reform, a Bentley University representative said the position will further the university’s mission to “ensure inclusive and equitable outcomes for all members of our community.”

“This role provides support and care to students, with a focus on gender equity, students of color, faith-based students, international students, and LGBTQ+ identified students,” it said.

Campus Reform reached out to Jackson College, Florida International University, Stanford University, Yale University, Century College, SUNY Oneonta, Tufts University, and Trinity College. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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