LISTEN: PROF GIORDANO on removing names of colleges from resumes to promote 'equity'

Campus Reform Higher Education Fellow Nicholas Giordano appeared on the 'Lars Larson Show' to discuss the negative consequences of removing your alma mater from your resume to promote 'equity.'

On January 9, Campus Reform Higher Education Fellow and Professor of Political Science Nicholas Giordano appeared on “The Lars Larson Show” to discuss the push by leftist companies to not ask job applicants their alma maters in the effort to promote “equity.” 

In theory, this would ensure that those who did not attend a prestigious institution are not excluded from quality employment opportunities.

Giordano calls this an “automatic recipe for failure.”

Both Larson and Giordano recognize the flaw of so-called “credentialism,” the idea that earning a degree presumably makes the degree holder smart or automatically qualifies a degree holder as an expert. But they also recognize that ignoring the alma mater of a job applicant ignores the reality that not all colleges are created equal. 

Those who worked hard to earn a spot in a top-tier institution deserve rewards for their efforts.

If employers are not allowed to review the transcripts of their prospective employees, Giordano argues, there is nothing to prevent applicants from lying about their accomplishments. The use of equity in this case creates the “expectation of entitlement” without merit.

This ultimately eliminates the incentive to cultivate a strong work ethic while pursuing higher education. For Giordano, it’s a prime example of how “our society has been completely dumbed down.”

Listen to the full clip on “The Lars Larson Show” podcast here