'Long Live Hamas!'– Columbia protester glorifies the terrorist group: WATCH

'Keep it moving, you Zionist pig.'

During the ongoing anti-Israel Columbia protest, demonstrators near the Ivy League school’s campus could be seen and heard shouting out pro-Hamas messages and insults at pro-Israel counter-protesters.   

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As seen in a video posted on X by the New York Post, a man wearing a yarmulke (also known as a kippah) and draped with an Israeli flag was walking through a crowd of anti-Israel protesters next to Columbia University, when several protesters shouted insults at him.  

“Keep it moving, you Zionist pig,” one of the protesters said. Another one shouted: “We are Hamas.”  

The pro-Israel individual asked: “You’re what? You’re Hamas?” To which the protester replied “Yes. We’re all Hamas, pig.” Someone else could be heard shouting “Long live Hamas!” 

In a story about the pro-Hamas demonstrators, the New York Post also noted that NYPD police officers had to intervene between protesters and counter-protesters.  

The anti-Israel protests, which have started in Columbia but have since spread to other schools, have already seen some violence.

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At Yale University on Monday, a Jewish student was assaulted by a pro-Palestinian demonstrator, who wrote: “Tonight at Yale, I was assaulted by a student today at an anti-Israel protest. He stabbed me in the eye with a Palestinian flag. Now I’m in the hospital. This is what happens when visibly Jewish students try to attend and document these rallies,” as Campus Reform reported Monday morning.  

Campus Reform has reached out to Columbia University for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.