Loyola New Orleans offers 'race, equity, and inclusion' courses...for FREE!

The Jesuit affiliated Loyola University New Orleans is offering free credits for the completion of a “race, equity and inclusion” course as part of a “J-term.”

The typical per-credit cost at the university is $1,172.

Loyola University in New Orleans offered courses related to “race, equity, and inclusion” for free during its first J-term semester, which ran January 4-15.

The university said in an announcement that “the program has been carefully designed to help students study social issues intensively,” and also states that it is “offered free to all currently enrolled undergraduates, who will receive three college credits upon completion of the voluntary program.” 

The university president, Tania Tetlow, said in the announcement that the university was implementing the J-term in order to “give our students a chance to catch up or get ahead on classes during the winter break.”

During the J-term, students at Loyola University were able to take courses such as “Race and Mass Incarceration,” “Environmental Justice and Equity: Case Study New Orleans,” “Making the Middle Ages: Myth, Misappropriation, and Reality,” “Say Her Name,” and more.

According to The Maroon student newspaper, Cheyenne Williams, the Student Government Association’s director of equity and inclusion, said that “Loyola did not want to enter the new year without acknowledging what happened over the summer with BLM and the many protests.”

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Williams also said, “we want classes that represent Black people. By integrating (January term) into the beginning of the spring semester, we felt that this was the best way to achieve our goal.”

According to the university website, the per-credit cost of classes is $1,172.

Chance Layton of the National Association of Scholars told Campus Reform that more and more social justice courses are being implemented at colleges across the country.

”We’re seeing more and more students who can’t graduate without taking at least one course in the ‘social justice’ tract but can skip straight over any civics, history, or government courses,” Layton said.

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Loyola University New Orleans did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication. 

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