LSU prof. allegedly loses job for dropping F-bombs while these 8 professors went unpunished

Meanwhile, a slew of academics continue to teach without punishment after bashing Republicans, attacking pro-life activists, and allegedly threatening Christian students with failing grades.

A tenured professor at Louisiana State University was allegedly fired for using salty language in class and making crude jokes to students.

Beware, professors.

Curse words and a ribald sense of humor could leave you looking for a new job, but if you stick to ranting against Republicans or threatening Christian students with failing grades, you’re likely to be OK.

Since 1995, Teresa Buchanan had taught early childhood education as an associate professor at Louisiana State University (LSU). However, the tenured professor’s decades-long teaching career recently came to an unexpected end.

On June 19, Buchanan was dismissed from the university following the recommendation of a faculty committee who accused her of creating a “hostile learning environment” while using the F-word and making sexually-themed jokes in front of her students.

Buchanan’s colleagues listed her “use of profanity, poorly worded jokes, and sometimes sexually explicit jokes in her teaching methodologies” as grounds for termination, according to the Baton Rouge Advocate.

While the potty-mouthed professor prepares to sue LSU for wrongful dismissal, the following academics—whose unsavory actions garnered national attention—sit comfortably knowing they’ve kept their jobs.

  1. Darry Sragow, University of Southern California — In 2012, Sragow—an adjunct assistant professor of political science—was caught on camera using his class time to advocate for the illegal disposal of Republican votes and calling Republicans “stupid and racist.” Prof. Sragow remains on staff at USC and the university defended his remarks under the principle of academic freedom.

  2. Karen Halnon, Penn State Abington — Dr. Halnon, an associate professor of sociology, was arrested at Miami International Airport in early March after lighting a cigarette in-flight while returning from Nicaragua. Passengers also recorded Halnon describing Hugo Chavez, the former Venezuelan socialist dictator, as her “great hero.” The university later told the New York Daily News that Halnon "is no longer in the classroom, but is still an employee."

  3. Brent Terry, Eastern Connecticut State University —According to English professor Brent Terry, “racist, misogynist, and money-grubbing people” want to prevent minorities and youth from voting in the United States. In reaction to an audio recording detailing Terry’s rant, administrators told Campus Reform that it was “not a university matter” and “faculty has academic freedom to conduct their classes in whatever way they choose.”

  4. Saida Grundy, Boston University —After being hired to teach sociology and African-American studies at BU, Saida Grundy—who was once charged with felony identity theft—came under fire for a series of tweets in which she labeled white college men a “problem population” and identified “white masculinity” as “THE problem for America’s colleges.” According to the Boston Globe, Grundy assumed her role as an assistant professor at BU on July 1.

  5. William Penn, Michigan State University — Professor William Penn may have been temporarily removed from his teaching position at Michigan State, but accusing “Old Republicans” of “raping” America wasn’t enough to get him permanently fired. In 2013, a student filmed the creative writing professor telling his class that the GOP consists of “a bunch of dead white people— or dying white people” and accusing Republicans of molesting the United States. Penn remains on staff at the public university.

  6. Beth Lueck, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater—Freshman enrolled in Professor Beth Lueck’s English class were offered extra credit if they joined, observed, or protested an anti-Scott Walker budget rally held on the university’s campus in mid-February. In 2014, Lueck was defeated as a Democratic candidate for the Wisconsin State Assembly after running on a “progressive agenda in education, access to health care, and the economy.”

  7. Lance “Lj” Russum, Polk State College — The Liberty Counsel—a conservative litigation firm—may be investigating Professor Lj Russum, who was recently accused of failing a female student who refused to declare Jesus a "myth," but Polk State College has yet to administer any punishment." As previously reported by Campus Reform, Polk State Dean of Academic Affairs Donald Painter deemed the humanities professor’s actions “appropriate” and Russum remains employed by the school.

  8. Mireille Miller-Young, University of California at Santa Barbara —She was convicted of assault, theft, and destruction of property after violently attacking a 16-year-old pro-life activist on UCSB’s campus, but the university has yet to fire associate professor Mireille Miller-Young. The professor of feminist studies is still listed as faculty on the school’s website despite being sentenced to three years’ probation and getting slapped with a civil lawsuit.

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