LSU student gov recommends university room students based on gender 'identity'

The student government passed a resolution encouraging LGBT-related questions on the housing portal and allowing transgender students to room according to their gender identities.

The LSU LGBTQ Caucus supported the bill, although the administration has yet to implement the requirement.

On March 27, the Louisiana State University Student Senate in Baton Rouge passed a resolution to mandate that the university’s housing system, LSU Residential Life, include questions on gender identity and sexual orientation in order to accommodate students who identify as LGBT.

According to Reveille, questions would appear on LSU’s online housing system regarding LGBT issues, including whether or not the applicant would be comfortable living with someone who claims to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

The bill would also permit transgender-identifying students to room with students of the gender they identify with.

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The student government does not have authority to force the administration to adopt any particular policy, according to Reveille. The bills are recommendations for the university administration, which has no legal mandate to implement them. 

As noted by Reveille, “Gender identity” would be self-identified on the new housing application system and the LSU Senate’s resolution does not require any proof that the student actually is the gender that they actually report.

LSU student Hannah Alm-Gibson told Reveille that the university’s current policy toward the LGBT-identifying community was lacking.

“I would also like to point out that there is a big problem on this campus with the way that we approach trans students,” Alm-Gibson said. “We need to show support for those individuals.”

However, the school features an “LGBTQ+ Center” on campus, which “actively works to make Louisiana State University a safer space” for students, regardless of “gender identity” and “gender expression.”

The university also sponsors an “LGBTQ+ Project” and a “Safe Space Campaign,” the latter of which “[advocates] for LGBTQ+ students” and “[supports] queer student organizations.”

LSU also offers “Non-gendered bathrooms” and a “how-to guide” with information for how transgender-identifying students can change their names.

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The LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff Caucus at LSU is “deeply committed to antiracism” and “[recognizes] the interconnectedness of queer, racial, gender, ableist, sexual, and all forms of oppression.”

The caucus web page notes that, “anti-Black violence and anti-Black oppression is by definition an LGBTQ issue,” and that it “[stands] in solidarity with those who resist white supremacy.”

Campus Reform has contacted Louisiana State University for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.