LSU teaching assistant on leave, police investigating threatening voicemail to state senator

'I will make a goddamn martini made from the tears of butthurt conservatives when we put your f**king ass in the ground.'

After voting against 'gender-affirming' surgeries for kids, State Sen. Michael Fesi received a message from LSU grad student Marcus Venable stating, 'I can’t wait to read your name in the f**king obituary.'

Update: After publication, Venable responded to Campus Reform with a quote attributed to “Joseph Venable 1918-1980,” reading “The duty of the strong is to protect the weak.”

Louisiana State University graduate student and teaching assistant Marcus Venable has been removed from his teaching position after being accused of leaving an explicit voicemail to State Senator Michael Fesi, who voted to override a veto by Governor John Bel Edwards on a bill that would ban “gender-affirming care” for kids.

“I can’t wait to read your name in the fucking obituary,” Venable allegedly told the legislator, adding “that fucking moron voted to make things worse for people who are already suffering.”

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On July 18, Fesi joined 27 other state senators in overturning the governor’s veto of the “Stop Harming Our Kids Act.”

“You fat fucking piece of shit,” the message repeatedly says. 

After claiming that there was “tons of empirical evidence” of increased suicide risks for those who don’t receive “transgender care,” the message continued, “You big fat headed motherfucker, I can’t wait to read your name in the fucking obituary. I will make a goddamn martini made from the tears of butthurt conservatives when we put your fucking ass in the ground.” 

“Fuck you. I hope you have a terrible day. Fuck yourself,” the voicemail concludes

Senator Fesi told Campus Reform that he reported the voicemail to the Louisiana State Police who traced the phone call back to Venable. Calling the incident a “bad situation,” Fesi indicated, “I just want to wait to see how it all turns out,” before adding anything further.

The state police also noted that “LSP is aware of the voicemail and we are currently investigating the complaint. It is active and on-going.”

In a statement, LSU said, “As a university, we foster open and respectful dialogue. Like everyone, graduate students with teaching assignments have the right to express their opinions, but this profanity-filled, threatening call crossed the line.” 

“This does not exhibit the character we expect of someone given the privilege of teaching as part of their graduate assistantship. The student will be allowed to continue their studies but will not be extended the opportunity to teach in the future.”

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Andy Roth, the president of the State Freedom Caucus Network told Campus Reform“Anybody who would wish death on a politician because he voted to protect children from doing irreversible damage to their bodies before they’re old enough to buy a pack of cigarettes is the last person who should be in charge of teaching college students. LSU must do the right thing and fire him.”

Campus Reform has routinely covered professors who have attempted to intimidate or threaten conservatives. In March, Wayne State University professor Steven Shaviro was suspended by his school for a Facebook post that said, “I think it is far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic, or transphobic speaker than it is to shout them down.”

Campus Reform has reached out to all parties mentioned and will update this article accordingly. 

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