MARSCHALL: The 'equity agenda' is producing incapable citizens

'How are they expecting Americans to pay taxes if they don't have a basic understanding of math or reading?'

Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Dr. Zachary Marschall recently appeared on America’s Voice Live to comment on a recent survey revealing that America’s small businesses are losing interest in hiring candidates with four-year degrees.

”It’s a failing of the education system, and that starts with pre-k and goes all the way through higher ed,” said Marschall.

He noted that “Students are being failed, or being failed forward, in primary and secondary schools–  so by the time they to college they have deficient math and reading skills that colleges neither have time nor the capacity to make up for.”

Marschall said he is “not optimistic” about the future when it comes to the kind of citizens American colleges are generating, pointing to recent graduates’ complaints about the 40-hour work week.

”Nine to five is not that hard,” said Marschall. “I work longer hours every day, and I’m sitting here just fine.” 

He noted that in school districts across the country, “we are seeing the elimination of deadlines, of core standards for writing and mathematics.”

”That kind of mentality is part of the left’s equity agenda,” said Marschall, “and it gets fed through into colleges,” and creates ill-prepared citizens.

”How are they expecting Americans to pay taxes if they don’t have a basic understanding of math or reading?”

The findings of the study suggested that small business owners were dissatisfied with the state of higher education, with 67% of participants responding “strongly no” and 24% of participants responding “somewhat no” when asked whether they thought higher education institutions were “graduating students with relevant skills that today’s business community needs.”