This Marxist group thinks socialism can solve COVID-19

'The Socialist Solution to Fight COVID-19' is one event sponsored by the International Marxist Tendency.

The organization held an event at the University of Wisconsin-Madison last year.

A global organization of “workers and youth” called The International Marxist Tendency (IMT) is fighting for the “overthrow of capitalism and the establishment of a workers’ government in the United States.” 

According to the IMT’s website, one or more chapters are active in thirty-eight states across the country, including DC. 

The IMT holds events on college campuses across the country such as the “Socialist Revolution Kick Off“ at the University of Wisconsin - Madison last semester. 

“The future of humanity depends on the ability of the students and workers being able to overthrow this system! Come and join us to learn how you can get involved with this international movement,” the event description reads.

In October 2020, IMT held an event called “The Socialist Solution to Fight COVID-19,” which outlined how “only a democratically planned economy is capable of providing workers the means to handle this crisis without losing their livelihood.”

The “Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky” ideals-based group seeks “Marxist cadres” who will fight for the “revolutionary transformation of society.”

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“The capitalist system is at the root of the poverty, racism, instability, violence, and humiliation the exploited and oppressed face every day. To solve these problems, we fight for a workers’ government,” the IMT website states.

IMT’s program core principles include: “class independence,” a “rebuild of the labor movement,” an end to “unemployment,” “quality, affordable housing for all,” “universal, quality health care,” “quality, lifelong education for all,” the commitment to the idea that “only class struggle can combat the climate crisis,” and the objective to “nationalize the key levers of the economy.” 

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Prospective members must be in full “political agreement” with IMT beliefs and values, sell the group’s magazine Socialist Revolution, “defend and spread” the beliefs of IMT “in public,” and “recruit new comrades” for IMT. 

To those who do not wish to be active in the organization but still wish to contribute, IMT coins them as “sympathizers” who can “sleep well at night, knowing you’re doing your part to end the misery of capitalism in our lifetimes!”

The organization claims that its funding is drawn “entirely” by its “members and sympathizers.”

Currently, the group is co-hosting a “Marx Was Right Forum” with Queens DSA in New York which discusses Marx’s works and how “revolutionaries today can put these ideas into practice.” 

Campus Reform reached out to the IMT and its chapters for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.