Meet the UT-Austin lawyer arrested at Hamas-endorsed protest, who wrote 'We advance our struggle' after Oct. 7 attack

While arrested students were banned from campus, Hamam is still listed as an employee of the Ginni Mithoff Program.

One attorney at the University of Texas-Austin School School of Law was arrested during anti-Israel protests on April 24.

Rhiannon Hamam, supervising attorney at the UT-Austin School of Law Ginni Mithoff Program was one of 57 people who were arrested during anti-Israel protests at the University of Texas at Austin in late April. All charges were dropped by the Travis County attorney’s office, according to the Texas Tribune. All protesters were initially charged with criminal trespass.

According to the report, students arrested were banned from campus, and can only come on campus for “academic reasons.”

While arrested students were banned from campus, Hamam is still listed as an employee of the Ginni Mithoff Program.

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The Ginni Mithoff Program exists to help students “engage in pro bono work to increase access to justice, build their lawyering skills, and develop a lifetime commitment to providing legal services to those in need.”

While Hamam was a student at UT-Austin Law, she served as president of the left-wing American Constitution Society.

Following her arrest, Hamam wrote on X: “I was in jail with some baddies. Free them all. Free Palestine.”

On Oct. 11, just days after the Oct. 7 terrorist attack in Israel, Hamam wrote on X: “We advance our struggle.”

”The oppressed and colonized are always maligned, always made out to be savages, always erased, dehumanized, never enjoy support from powerful or wealthy or colonial interests. It is part of being colonized. Palestine lives regardless and in spite of. We advance our struggle,” Hamam wrote.

”There is absolutely no playbook for how to deal with witnessing this. I feel completely at a loss - but then I remember act act act move move move speak speak speak - it’s going to take so much - and it’ll be so worth it. Imagine Palestine after liberation!” Hamam wrote on Oct. 27, 2023.

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On Nov. 16, 2023, Hamam also posted to X “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Hamam also wrote “Glory to our martyrs” on Dec. 7, 2023.

Campus Reform reached out to Hamam and UT-Austin for comment.