Megyn Kelly offers to fund Riley Gaines’ lawsuit against SFSU

Kelly explained the physical and verbal attack against Riley Gaines to Sky News Australia’s Paul Murray.

‘I’m delighted to see her fighting back, not just for her right to speak but for everyone’s,” Kelly said.

Megyn Kelly told Sky News Australia’s Paul Murray that she would gladly help Riley Gaines fund her lawsuit against San Francisco State University (SFSU) after Gaines was attacked by student protestors.

Campus Reform has extensively reported on the alleged verbal and physical assault that occurred against Gaines at SFSU and how individuals on the left and the right of the political spectrum have condemned the events despite the fact that the university has not issued an apology.

Kelly explained to Murray that Gaines was invited to speak at SFSU because of her personal experience against biological male Lia Thomas during the NCAA swimming championships last year.

“[The NCAA] wanted Lia Thomas to stand there with the trophy,” Kelly explained, “not Riley Gaines the actual female swimmer who was raised as a girl, has been a girl her whole life, unlike Lia who was male about two minutes ago.”

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Kelly went on to explain how Gaines was “essentially kidnapped” at SFSU as activists prevented her from leaving the premises for over three hours. Gaines was also “punched in the face and shoulder by a transwoman, a biological male,” Kelly stated.

Kelly also highlighted that that the university did not even issue the “fig leaf” response of putting their students through a sensitivity training. Kelly referenced Stanford University’s similar retraction after the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Dean silenced of US Appeals judge Kyle Duncan, on which Campus Reform has previously reported.

Furthermore, Kelly stressed to the Australian audience that the criminal justice system will not be an avenue of justice for Gaines’ experience at SFSU.

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“There’s been no police inquiry,” Kelly said, “and the San Francisco [police department] isn’t going to do anything either. I mean, they’ve dropped the ball so many times this year.”

Kelly stressed that she would gladly contribute money to Gaines’ civil lawsuit against SFSU, which she attests is forthcoming.

“I’m delighted to see her fighting back, not just for her right to speak but for everyone’s,” Kelly asserts. “We can’t allow this to go on. We are crossing a line here. I really think we are at an inflection point.”

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