Michigan State offers 'Unconditional Love Fund' exclusive to LGBT-identified students

Michigan State University now offers an 'Unconditional Love Fund' for its LGBTQ students.

MSU's 'Gender and Sexuality Campus Center' also houses a variety of transgender-oriented resources.

Michigan State University (MSU) now offers an “Unconditional Love Fund” exclusively for its LGBTQ students. The fund’s purpose is to “provide LGBTQIA2S+ Michigan State University students with flexible assistance in a timely manner to address extraordinary and unexpected financial hardships associated with their sexual and/or gender identity.”

Applicants are prompted to “provide a brief description of your funding request, including how your financial need relates to your gender or sexual identity.” Selected students will be given up to $500. 

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MSU also offers a “Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered (LBGT) Resource Center Endowment Fund,” and a “Queering Racial Justice Summit Fund.”

Students are allowed to apply to the Unconditional Love Fund Students every semester, but there is a maximum of two applications per academic year.

“The Unconditional Love Fund is utilized by the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center to support students who are facing personal and financial hardships. By accessing the fund, students can receive the support they need to continue to thrive,” MSU explained to Campus Reform when asked for comment.

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The fund is offered through Michigan State’s Gender and Sexuality Campus Center, which also houses “Transcend,” a “campus-wide caucus which seeks to build a sense of community among MSU students who are transgender, nonbinary, and/or gender non-conforming.”

Transcend and Michigan State’s Gender and Sexuality Campus Center have not responded to comments requested by Campus Reform