Michigan State releases diversity report promoting anti-Semites and communists

Earlier this month Michigan State released its 2022-2023 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report

The report states that faculty will now be evaluated on how well they represent DEI values and how they integrate DEI into their teaching.

On Mar. 20, Michigan State University released its 2022-2023 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report, intended to update stakeholders on the implementation of more than 200 DEI “action items” previously laid out by the university.

Among the 270 DEI items the university hopes to implement was an initiative to require all undergraduate academic programs to “report on improvements made to its curricula to infuse DEI components” into coursework. Additionally, MSU is moving to “[include] DEI in the reappointment, promotion and tenure process.”

Professors will also now be “encouraged” to give administrators “evidence of their DEI- related activities and accomplishments” during the reappointment, promotion, and tenure process.

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A 2021 study found that one-fifth of university job postings required applicants to provide a diversity statement in order to be considered. 

Increasingly, however, universities are beginning to move away from requiring such statements, following pressure from Republican lawmakers. Texas A&M Universitythe University of Houston System and the the University of North Carolina System are among the institutions getting rid of DEI statements.

In addition to integrating DEI into all coursework and evaluating faculty on the basis of adherence to DEI principles, the university touts changes to its New Student Orientation program which would “introduce DEI values to incoming students” as soon as they arrive on campus. “Diversity education” will be mandatory for all students.

On the financial side of things, the university disbursed $410,000 in grant funding to advance DEI at the university. Additionally, the department of African American studies received a new 8,400 square-foot space.

Race wasn’t the only aspect of identity MSU sought to apply DEI principles to. 

The report dedicated an entire page to the university’s efforts to promote “access to all-gender restrooms.” MSU touted its partnership with “Mission Menstruation,” a student organization, in installing tampon dispensers in restrooms for all genders. 

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As part of its efforts to highlight diversity, MSU also honored anti-Semitic political radical Malcolm X, who allegedly suggested that Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves, and advised, “Don’t let no Jew get up in your face and make you cry for him.”

Angela Davis, who has ties to the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement, was also touted in the report’s pages. Davis has also associated herself with Marxism throughout her career.

Despite praising individuals with anti-Semitic tendencies, MSU links the Sterling Institute for Jewish Studies and Modern Israel’s guide on combating antisemitism next to an image of Davis.

Campus Reform has reached out to Michigan State University for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.