Mizzou prof. under 'review' after video of her berating police surfaces

Late Sunday evening, University of Missouri Interim Chancellor Hank Foley sent a campus-wide email condemning the actions of Melissa Click at two separate protests on Mizzou’s campus during the Fall 2015 semester. Foley pledged to meet with the school’s Board of Curators to discuss Click’s future, but did not indicate when such a meeting would take place.

In the letter, obtained by Campus Reform, Foley says Click's "conduct and behavior on this video... are not consistent with that which is expected of a faculty member." Foley goes on to say high expectations are set for members of the Mizzou community.


The statement was issued in response to a video that surfaced on February 13 showing Melissa Click during the Mizzou Homecoming parade, linking arms with members of “Concerned Student 1950” as they block a car carrying former UM System President Tim Wolfe.

During the video, Click can be seen verbally berating members of the Columbia Police Department, even telling one of the officers attempting to corral the crowd, “Get your f-cking hands off of me!”

Melissa Click is known for the November 9 video posted by student videographer Mark Schierbecker, during which she grabbed at his camera down and called for “muscle” to remove him from the Carnahan Quad, where activist group “Concerned Student 1950” had set up a tent city.

In January, assault charges were filed against Click, although she was able to avoid further prosecution by agreeing to a plea deal, which included 20 hours of community service.

After charges were filed, Click was suspended with pay by the Board of Curators. She had stayed silent until last week, when she granted an interview with ABC-17 stating she would fight to restore her reputation and keep her job.

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