Mother pens book on her conservative son's experience with leftists during his time in college

'As conservatives, we need to speak out, or we will never speak out again.'

Gloria Giorno published a new book detailing the mistreatment of her son for posting a patriotic message on the Fourth of July in 2020.

Gloria Giorno, the mother of former Belmont University study body president Stevie Giorno, wrote Outcast: How the Radical Left Tried to Destroy a Young Conservative, a book describing her son’s challenges as a conservative leader on a liberal campus. 

“My book is about how conservatives are trying to be silenced at the university level,” Giorno told Campus Reform. She is also the founder of the Tennessee-based conservative organization, United Women Foundation.

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On July 4, 2020, Stevie posted a picture of himself in front of the White House with the caption: “Proud to be an American celebrating the sacrifice of those that gave their all so that we may enjoy the freedom and liberties our forefathers intended on this day in 1776.”

Stevie’s Instagram post garnered over 300 comments, with many shaming him for embracing patriotism during the height of the George Floyd–BLM riots. 

Some responses featured statements threatening Stevie’s well-being and his role as study body president.

“As a parent, when I saw [a comment] that said ‘go kill yourself,’ it was very concerning to me,” Giorno said of her son’s post. 

Stevie explained that despite having a security guard to escort him around campus, the school’s failure to take action against individuals threatening to attack him was concerning. He also alleged that members of Belmont’s College Democrats threatened him in the club’s official group chat.

Stevie’s peers even petitioned in favor of his expulsion from his role as study body president, stating “Stevie Giorno refuses to acknowledge the racism surrounding the fourth of July and posted a VERY covertly racist post on the 4th.”

The student’s membership in a fraternity was also allegedly at risk because he “did not represent the values of a fraternity man,” and he refused to publish an apology for his Independence Day post.

Giorno recalled a conversation with a university dean who questioned her about her approval of her son’s patriotic message. “[The dean] wanted me to understand why Stevie was a racist,” she said.

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“[Belmont] is not what they claim to be,” Stevie told Campus Reform. “We were sold a false bill of goods,” alleging that the school does not act out its Christian values. 

Giorno noted she felt compelled to tell Stevie’s story in order to encourage other students and parents not to stay silent on similar matters. “As conservatives, we need to speak out, or we will never speak out again.”

Campus Reform has contacted all relevant parties for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.