MSU student gov demands free menstrual products in ALL campus bathrooms

Michigan State University's student government has demanded free menstrual products in ALL restrooms.

The student government similarly petitioned Michigan to end taxes on women's hygiene products.

Free menstrual products in all campus bathrooms is the latest demand of the Michigan State University student government. 

Passing a resolution June 24, the Associated Students of Michigan State University assert “transgender people, non-binary people, gender non-conforming people,” and women are able to menstruate. 

Further, these groups “are not given the same access to these products in the restrooms that coincide with their gender.” 

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“Transgender people, non-binary people, and gender non-conforming people are especially vulnerable to the effects of not providing free menstrual hygiene products in all restrooms,” the ASMSU resolution states before citing hardships.

Transgender people are twice as likely to be unemployed, menstruating can be difficult due to ‘gender dysphoria,’ and “60% of transgender Americans already avoid using the bathroom out of fear,” are claims pulled from ACLU, Teen Vouge, and Reuters

Pad the Mitten, formerly PERIOD MSU, Mission Menstruation, and the  MSU Women’s Advisory Committee for Support Staff have successfully helped provide and advocate for women’s hygiene products on campus. 

By holding donation efforts and spreading awareness, the groups have helped place menstrual vending locations across campus. 

Releasing a statement shortly after the legislation’s passage, ASMSU clarifies, “In support, ASMSU strongly agrees with the mission and values of Mission Menstruation and Pad the Mitten.”

 ASMSU will work with the groups “to take the initial steps towards providing undergraduate students with free and accessible menstruation aid this initiative, we ask for physical support from Michigan State University IPF [Infrastructure Planning and Facilities] in installing machines, ordering products, and maintaining stocked dispensers.”

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The new ASMSU legislation cites dozens of colleges which provide free menstrual products or are currently conducting pilot programs of free menstrual products. 

Calling on the State of Michigan to eliminate “sales and use tax on menstrual hygiene products,” the student assembly passed a related resolution February 22. ASMSU similarly cite in the June 24 resolution, “poor menstrual hygiene can cause serious health risks, including vaginal and urinary tract infections, severe reproductive health conditions, and toxic shock syndrome.” 

Campus Reform has reached out to MSU and the student government for comment and will update the article accordingly. 

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