Nearly all Americans oppose late-term abortion, UC survey finds

A majority of Americans do not support abortion in the second or third trimesters.

About 50% of respondents said they do not support abortion being used as a form of birth control.

Approximately 80% of Americans oppose late-term abortion, according to a recent University of Chicago survey. 

In June, researchers at the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs, which is affiliated with the university, found that 65% oppose abortions in the second trimester and 38% believe abortions should be illegal in the first trimester. 

Most respondents that support abortion in the second and third trimester identified as Democrat or independent. Additionally, many should be legal in extraneous cases, such as a danger to the mother’s health (87%), rape (84%), or serious illness of the fetus (74%).

In June, researchers surveyed 1,125 adults from the NORC probability-based panel, which the researchers designed to reflect the diversity of the American population.

About half of participants said that it should not be possible to get an abortion in cases where a woman simply does not want to be pregnant.

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Abortion is a hot topic in higher education right now, as professors and universities continuously get more interested in abortion rights on campus.

At Smith College, for example, one professor claims that the University’s health center should provide abortion pills to students, claiming “forcing” the students to leave campus for these services is unfair.

Last year, several hundred professors and doctors requested that the FDA allow abortion pills to be sent through the mail. 

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Last week, Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr, who presides over the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, opposed President Biden’s visit to Mount St. Joseph University, a Catholic institution. 

Local pro-life activists and Catholics joined Archbishop Schnurr in denouncing Biden’s trip due to the president’s pro-choice policies. 

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