New anti-racism requirements coming for Cornell University students and faculty

The Faculty Senate approved plans for new curriculum that will focus on 'structural racism, colonialism, injustice, bias.'

The announcement follows a successful push for an 'Antiracism Center' at the university.

Cornell University’s Faculty Senate voted to mandate anti-racism educational requirements for students and faculty.

The new curriculum will include “literacy” and “skillset components.” The Faculty Senate also encouraged “an experimental roll-out phase” for the requirement, which involve multiple departments across the university.

The resolution, which passed by 17 votes on May 18, cited a university report declaring an intent for students to “become critical thinkers and lifelong learners in all matters that concern race, indignity, ethnicity, and bias, and who thrive and lead across diverse groups and communities in a multiracial democracy.”

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Likewise, the resolution endorsed a related report, which declares that faculty “must understand structural racism and the forces of systemic bias and privilege.”

While the resolution passed 58-41, 20 faculty members did not vote while another 7 chose to abstain.

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This vote follows the Faculty Senate’s approval of a new “Antiracism Center,” which the body voted for 101-12. The new center aims to promote “change through the undoing of settler colonialism, white privilege, and other forces that perpetuate systemic racism and bias.”

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