New recordings show TAMU prof applauding anti-white violence

More videos have been released showing a black professor endorsing violence against whites, including one in which he remarks that “white people dying...has generally worked.”

Professor Tommy Curry of Texas A&M University (TAMU) became a focus of controversy earlier this month when a recording of a 2012 podcast interview resurfaced, in which he discussed “killing white people in context” and asserted that “in order to be liberated, some white people may have to die.”

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Following the discovery of the podcast, a group of TAMU alumni called Support Aggies began releasing additional recordings of provocative remarks that Curry has made in the classroom, many of which appear to endorse violence against whites and “the people in power” as a political strategy.

“[Ending racism] requires us to destroy the way that society is formulated now,” Professor Curry told his students in one recording. He then noted that they “might not like” his proposed solution before asserting that “white people dying or the people in power dying has generally worked.”

Curry also declared that “racism in the United States is a permanent feature of American democracy,” and that therefore the American Dream is a myth for black people.

“We keep teaching people that, ‘Oh, everyone can make it, [if] you can work hard,’” he said, “but we do not pay attention to the institutional and historical remnants of anti-white, or anti-black, racism in the United States.”

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“This leads to a miseducation of minority people, and as such, they are not prepared to make systematic and political attacks on the foundations of white supremacy in the United States,” he added.

Another new recording from Support Aggies shows Curry appearing to express bemusement with the idea of white people being attacked during some political movements.

“White people are being beaten with batons!” he said. “I turn on the news just to see that!”

Professor Curry acknowledged the content of the recordings in an interview with Campus Reform last week, but said they were “spliced” out of context.

He explained that he often teaches the theories of Frantz Fanon, a black psychiatrist who wrote about revolutionary violence, but declined to explain why so much of his teachings revolve around violence, or why he delivered multiple lectures on “justifications for violence against whites” during 2006 and 2007.

Curry did not respond to an addition inquiry related to the latest videos, but Campus Reform will update this post if he and when he does reply.

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Curry did, however, address his critics in an interview with KBTX, comparing his position to those who frame the Second Amendment as necessary for self-defense.

“As I said in the initial conversation five years ago, the hypocrisy of self-defense proponents is that every group has a right to self-defense except historically oppressed groups like Black Americans,” he declared. “My comments are about this HISTORICAL contradiction. Black American's right to defend themselves against white violence has historically been framed as hateful, whereas white American's right self-defense, which is often understood as their need to protect themselves from Blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims, is thought to be constitutional and an exercise of freedom.”

While Support Aggies is petitioning the administration to fire him, Professor Curry told KBTX that he’s not worried, saying, “I have no reason to believe my tenure is in jeopardy as of yet.”

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