Newsom allocates $10 million to disputed ‘Stop AAPI Hate’ study database

The Stop AAPI Hate project at San Francisco State University will receive $10 million from the California state government.

The project is founded upon unscientific data collection practices, according to past 'Campus Reform' reporting.

The “Stop AAPI Hate” project — which is founded on controversial data collection practices — will receive $10 million from the California state government.

In the wake of COVID-19’s spread in March 2020, San Francisco State University and other organizations launched “Stop AAPI Hate” to solicit reports of anti-Asian hate crimes. As Campus Reform reported, the project’s site allows anonymous users to describe incidents of alleged racism and discrimination. Although the site permits visitors to upload files to substantiate allegations, it is possible to submit a report with no accompanying evidence.

Stop AAPI Hate has been cited by several left-leaning news outlets to claim a rise in anti-Asian violence. 

Nevertheless, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Ca.) signed the $156.5 million “Asian and Pacific Islander Equity Budget” last week. The measure allocates $10 million to San Francisco State University to continue the work of Stop AAPI Hate.

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“The $10 million allocated to Stop AAPI Hate will support our efforts to track racism against AAPIs, which will help our coalition and the larger movement continue to advocate for concrete solutions,” explained Stop AAPI Hate co-founder and Asian American Studies professor Russell Jeung in a university news release. “This funding will also allow our coalition to grow to meet more of our community’s needs.”

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“With this funding, Stop AAPI Hate will be able to enhance its capabilities to track, respond and prevent incidents of racial bias and harm,” adds Jeung. The release notes that “SF State’s AAS program conducts data collection and analysis for Stop AAPI Hate and runs the Stop AAPI Hate Youth Campaign — a program led by SF State students for high-school interns in which they conduct research on the racism and discrimination young AAPIs are facing and engage with other methods of advocacy.”

Campus Reform reached out to San Francisco State University; this article will be updated accordingly.

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