NKU student facing charges for vandalizing pro-life display

A Northern Kentucky University student who recently vandalized a pro-life display has been identified by campus police and now faces criminal charges.

As Campus Reform reported in October, the school’s pro-life club had constructed a cemetery of the innocents display on campus, though it was immediately vandalized—surviving just two hours.

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Now, university police have confirmed that the suspect has been identified and is facing charges, according to an email obtained by Campus Reform, in which Detective Bobby Pate states that “charges have been filed.”

Additionally, Campus Reform has obtained images and video of the suspect, caught with an on-campus security camera, in which she can be seen removing several crosses from the display before vanishing from the screen.

Images of the damage show that dozens (roughly 35) of crosses had been knocked over and a large sign erected in front of the display had been stolen.

“Students across the nation are being targeted for voicing their opinions and are continually met with intimidation and violence,” Northern Right to Life told Campus Reform in a statement. “We are calling on Northern Kentucky University, and universities across the nation to protect the free speech rights of their students by making it known that criminal acts of destruction and violent attacks on the rights of students will not be tolerated.”

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University Police Chief John Gaffin later confirmed that “this case is being filed as a misdemeanor theft and criminal mischief,” telling Campus Reform at the time of the vandalism that Detective Pate was consulting with the pro-life group and would “revise the case” if “any new information comes to light.”

“We take all our cases seriously regardless of how they are classified,” Gaffin added.

Campus Reform reached out to Pate for additional information on the specific charges the vandal will face, and is currently awaiting a response.

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