Northwestern women's studies center teaches 'organizing' for 'abortion rights'

Events listed as part of the series include, ‘What is Reproductive Justice?’

Northwestern also hosts ‘Gender Inclusive Language Workshops’ that teach ‘fundamental concepts of gender identity and expression.’

Northwestern University will host a ‘Taking Action for Reproductive Justice’ series this spring, focused on teaching students how to organize to advance abortion rights.

The four-part series, which begins April 10 at Northwestern University, located in Evanston, Illinois, is available for students and “anyone in the NU community who is new to or wants to level up in organizing for reproductive justice, abortion rights, or bodily autonomy,” according to the event website.

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The series consists of the following events: “What is Reproductive Justice?,” “Safe & Accessible Direct Action,” “Healing Justice with Stacy Erenberg,” and “From Campus to Community-Based Organizing.” The “Safe & Accessible Direct Action” event will take place on April 14 and will feature “a conversation about how we approach direct action / protest.”

The Kreeger Wolf Fund, The Women’s Center, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and NU Repro are joining together to host the series. The Women’s Center hosts multiple programs for Northwestern Students, including “Solution Focused Feminist Coaching” and “Gender Inclusive Language Workshops,” as seen on the center’s “Programs” page.

The Women’s Center’s Gender Inclusive Language Workshops teach “fundamental concepts of gender identity and expression, practice using affirming language, and discuss some of the ways you can build toward a more Trans Inclusive Northwestern,” according to the program page.

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Campus Reform has previously reported on other “Reproductive Justice” events that have occurred on college campuses. In 2023, Campus Reform reported that the University of South Florida co-sponsored a ‘Reproductive Justice is for Everyone’ art exhibit. In 2022, Campus Reform reported that New York University hosted a ‘Sexual and Reproductive Justice’ panel featuring a “professor who defends vandalism of pro-life organizations.”

Campus Reform contacted Northwestern University, the Women’s Center, and Gender and Sexuality Studies for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.