Northwestern's handling of campus unrest leads to disbanding of anti-Semitism task force

The resignations come following a controversial deal between NU and anti-Israel protestors, with some claiming deal caves in to the protesters' demands.

‘The University is disappointed that some members of the President's Advisory Committee on Preventing Antisemitism and Hate have decided to step down,’ NU told Campus Reform.

Screenshot taken from X account of Mark Weyermuller.

Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois has ended its anti-Semitism task force following complaints about the school’s alleged mishandling of anti-Semitism on campus. 

Seven members out of 11 of the “President’s Advisory Committee on Preventing Antisemitism and Hate” resigned this Wednesday. The members revealed their reasoning in a letter acquired by The Daily Northwestern

The former committee members, who are all Jewish, cited NU President Michael Schill’s failure to seek advice from the committee regarding the school’s agreement on Monday with anti-Israel protestors.

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As part of that agreement, NU announced it would financially support two Palestinian faculty members on an annual basis as well as five Palestinian undergraduate students, among other measures. 

The Anti-Defamation League criticized the deal, writing: “Instead of holding the perpetrators accountable, the university rewarded them. It would be unbelievable if it wasn’t true.”  

NU was one of many schools shaken by anti-Israel protests before the school’s agreement with the protesters.

The resigning members continued: “While we support the right to free expression and know that the majority of our students and community support peaceful protest and counter-protest, the impact of these behaviors is profound. We strongly condemn those who have crossed the line. We are committed to ensuring that Northwestern remains a place for vigorous debate, and that it not become a breeding ground for Antisemitism and Islamophobia.”

An NU spokesperson told Campus Reform: “The University is disappointed that some members of the President’s Advisory Committee on Preventing Antisemitism and Hate have decided to step down. The Committee’s charge and its work remain incredibly important to our community.”

“Our commitment to protecting Jewish students, faculty and staff is unwavering. We will continue to engage with all members of the Committee - including the members who have resigned - and other Jewish members of our community, to ensure the vital objectives of this Committee continue,” they continued. 

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At least one NU official, Dean of Students Mona Dugo, was seen at an anti-Israel demonstration focused on the school’s Hillel center this April. 

Schill praised the committee in January, writing: “Each of these individuals brings passionate and thoughtful views to the table, all of which hold value in the broader conversation we seek to have. They have answered the University’s call for assistance and deserve the grace to do the work that will benefit all of us.” 

Campus Reform has contacted Northwestern University for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.