'Not a good look': Video captures moment leftists confront campus conservatives

One leftist berated the chapter president for holding an “All Lives Matter” sign and called the police after having a meltdown.

A group of leftists surrounded a College Republicans table and attempted to disrupt them by yelling and tearing down their banner.

A group of leftist students disrupted College Republicans who were tabling at California State University-Chico. 

The students were caught on video shouting at the College Republicans and were seen taking down the club banner.

”Not a good look California State University, Chico. As the left continues to attack our rights to freedom of speech we will continue to stand our ground. We will not give up an inch to these criminals!” the Chico State Republicans wrote on Facebook, along with video of the incident.

Another incident occurred when Chico State College Republicans President Michael Curry stood next to one of the leftist students while holding a piece of paper that read “All Lives Matter.” The student held a sign that read “Black Trans Lives Matter,” and asked Curry to leave. 

“Sir, get the hell out of my personal space,” the student began. 

The student appeared to turn violent when she went into a tirade about her personal space. She yelled at Curry to “get the f**k out of my f***ing space” while tearing Curry’s paper and hitting him with it. 

Curry stood calmly while the student continued on an expletive-filled rant about her “safety.” According to Curry, the student called the police and told them that Curry “troubled” her. She then proceeded to lie down and said she was having a panic attack, before asking the police to call her an ambulance. 

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The student newspaper, The Orion, reported that the Chico State University Police reported three crimes. Two incidents were listed as battery, and the third as indecent exposure. It is unclear which party acted as the aggressor in two of the three crimes, however, a pair of statements on the incidents from the Chico State College Republicans claims the leftist students were the aggressors in all crimes. 

Reporting from The Orion suggests the second battery charge is in reference to the students who tore down the Trump 2020 flag, which can be seen in the video. 

A statement provided by the Chico State College Republicans states that their female members were sexually harassed by leftist protesters. The statement also referenced the indecent exposure. 

“[The student] additionally exposed their genitals to multiple individuals throughout the day, including our guest speaker Brandon Straka and his assistant.”

A separate club statement addressed the continual “harassment” and “intimidation” and “obscenities” that were directed toward the College Republicans. 

“Violence is never the way to address political disagreements,” the statement reads. “Freedom of speech guarantees everyone the right to express their political beliefs. If you disagree with someone you have the absolute right to protest them. You do not have the right to commit defamation, sexually harass, threaten, intimidate, or batter another human being. Unfortunately, the University has created an environment where this illegal activity is all too prevalent.”

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Curry told Campus Reform that the College Republicans would not be intimidated by acts of violence. 

”If they want to try intimidating us by surrounding our booth with 300 people, we will only come out 10 times as strong the next day.” 

In a statement to Campus Reform, Chico State University Media Relations Coordinator Sean Murphy said that the university has zero-tolerance for “taunting, harassing...and any threats and/or physical violence.”

“The University is an ardent supporter of the First Amendment, which protects even speech that many find hateful and abhorrent and may be in conflict with our community values,” Murphy said. “As a public institution, we cannot discriminate against or prohibit speakers invited to speak on campus or prohibit student groups from sharing their beliefs—nor would we want to.”

“At the same time, the university has zero-tolerance for taunting, harassing, and of course, any threats and/or physical violence. The University is committed to continuing to monitor any potential threats to the health and safety of our community and is both prepared and committed to taking prompt and appropriate action to address those threats should they occur.”

Murphy also added that some students were being disciplined for the incidents. 

“Students in violation of the Standards for Student Conduct may be subject to University disciplinary action—and students are already being disciplined for this week’s events. We’re unable to comment on any disciplinary action that resulted from this event, as all student disciplinary action is confidential. Additionally, violations of local, state, or federal laws will be dealt with by the appropriate agency.”

Murphy also pointed out that free speech is secondary to “physical safety.” 

“Although free speech is a cornerstone of campus life, it is always second to physical safety. University Police will be present at these events, and when necessary, employ measures to ensure students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors remain physically safe.”

The Chico State University Police Department told Campus Reform that the police reports were in the possession of the district attorney’s office, and thus could not be released to the media until a decision was made to file charges. 

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