Notre Dame faculty petition to allow LGBTQ club on campus

Administrators at one of the nation’s most prominent catholic universities are being urged by members of their staff and faculty to sanction a proposed gay-straight alliance student organization.

The petition, signed by 366 Notre Dame faculty, administration, and staff, demands administrators repeal its long-standing policy forbidding a gay-straight alliance group on campus.

Members of Notre Dame’s faculty and staff are urging administrators to sanction a proposed gay-straight alliance student organization.

The school must “make the protection, recognition, and equal treatment of the LGBTQ members of our family and official part of University policy,” demands the petition published in the school newspaper on September 25, 2012.

“We look forward to the day when the Spirit of Inclusion describes not just an aspiration of some, but the everyday experience of all of us who are ND,” it continues.

Notre Dame University is a private catholic institution which is technically bound by Catholic Doctrine which teaches that homosexual behavior is a violation of divine law.

However, the school is nonetheless reviewing its policy towards LGBTQ students.

“The university is conducting a review of all support and services we offer to our gay and lesbian students and hopes to reach a decision later this semester,” read a statement released to Campus Reform by spokesman Dennis Brown.

“We’ll have nothing to add until then,” he concluded.

The petition also demands that the university add sexual orientation to its non-discrimination clause.

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