NY College Republicans expand mission to back conservative groups on campus

The New York Federation of College Republicans announced it would expand its mission to increase its focus on providing support for campus conservatives.

Without NYFCR’s support, the organization warned 'the only support you can expect to come to your defense will be in the form of a Campus Reform article.'

On August 2, the New York Federation of College Republicans (NYFCR) reaffirmed its commitment to supporting conservative students after its chapters have faced an onslaught of leftist attacks over the past two years.

“As the NYFCR has grown and evolved over the past year, so has our mission, and it is time to extend that support and advocacy to every campus in New York,” the organization wrote in a press release. “The NYFCR is not a phone bank.  We are the last stand for conservatism on campus.”

Per the organization’s website, NYFCR has traditionally served to represent College Republicans chapters in New York State prior to its separation from the College National Republican Committee in 2021. This statement represents a broadening of that focus on conservatism on campus. 

Without NYFCR’s support, the organization warned “the only support you can expect to come to your defense will be in the form of a Campus Reform article.”

NYFCR specifically cited Fordham UniversitySyracuse UniversityBinghamton University, the University of Buffalo, and the State University of New York at Brockport as being hostile to conservative students.

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Campus Reform has reported on numerous accounts of liberal bias that have made New York campuses a battle-zone for conservative students.

In May, Campus Reform spoke with New York University College Republican President Gianna Guzzo about the harassment she faced on campus following the leaked Supreme Court draft that eventually overturned Roe v. Wade.

Guzzo recalled being sent threatening Instagram messages shortly after sharing a pro-life Instagram post. The harasser told the group they “deserve to feel every bit of hatred that the entire student body feels for people like you” and to “Leave our school and f*** off.”

Campus Reform interviewed pro-abortion protesters at Syracuse University in June who called for “bloodshed” and a socialist revolution in response to Roe’s downfall. 

“I mean we are a Marxist-Leninist organization, we do believe in class war, we believe that class war is the way forward. As we see right now peaceful protests aren’t getting us much, we need a new society,” a protester told Campus Reform.

Assault at Cornell Universityanti-Semitism at CUNY, and waves of radical gender theory at SUNY schools have also contributed to heightened political tension.

“The left is currently beating us at the activism game and it’s not even close,” NYFCR Chairman Augustus LeRoux told Campus Reform. “When they don’t get their way, they protest, petition administrators, kick up dust, and use the media to project their message.”

“Conservatives need an answer to this,” he insisted. 

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According to the Federation, attacks on college students “have gone unchallenged” by university administrators. NYFCR vowed to expand its support system across the Empire State to accommodate.

“It’s NYFCR’s goal to put a network of activists at their back who are ready to organize and support them,” LeRoux told Campus Reform.

The NYFCR was organized in 2021 after disbanding from the College Republican National Committee. 

Campus Reform contacted each school mentioned for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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