Obama’s reelection would not solve nation’s many problems, warns Nation of Islam radical Louis Farrakhan

Outspoken leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, distanced himself from President Obama on Wednesday, telling a crowd of students that a second term would not solve the nation’s many problems.

“I did not come here tonight to make you think that because we have a black President everything is going to be alright,” Farrakhan told several hundred students at a public address delivered at Southern University.

Nation of Islam leader Loius Farrakhan warned that re-electing President Obama to a second term will not solve our nation’s problems.

“The real burden is on us… to make the change that is necessary and do the things that will prepare the future of us and our people,” he added.

Farrakhan’s remarks, stand in sharp contrast to his strong, and unwanted endorsements of  then-Senator Barack Obama campaign prior to the 2008 elections

Farrakhan has since withdrawn his support for Obama’s in part for his decision overthrow the Libyan government. Farrakhan recently attempted to disparage Obama calling him “the first Jewish President.”

In his speech on Wednesday, Farrakhan also ridiculed America’s education system.

“To teach people that Columbus discovered America with millions of people here is a travesty,” Farrakhan said to a room of applause.

He continued, arguing that “to teach that George Washington never told a lie, that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, and we are still singing ‘we shall overcome’ … something is wrong with that picture.”

Southern University did not immediately return calls for comment from Campus Reform.

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