Oberlin feminists hang posters declaring College Republicans and Libertarians as ‘perpetuating rape culture’

Feminists at Oberlin decried a recent event during which the OCRLs hosted Christina Hoff Sommers.

Student activists at Oberlin College hung posters declaring that individual members of Oberlin College Republicans and Libertarians as “perpetuating rape culture.”

Feminists at Oberlin College, upset that a student group would bring Christina Hoff Sommers to campus, hung posters that individually declared Republican and Libertarian students as “perpetuating rape culture.”

A photo of the posters was sent by an anonymous student to Reason. The publication did not name the student because the student feared retribution.

Six posters named individual students; Reason blurred the students’ last names in the photo.

“You are part of the problem!” one additional poster read.

Reason reported that approximately 10 student-activists hung the posters.

As previously reported by Campus Reform, feminist students protested Sommers, a conservative and equity feminist by creating a “safe space.” Students also heckled Sommers while she gave a talk at the Ohio school earlier this week.

Student activists at both Oberlin and Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., hung their own signs at both events that labeled Sommers as misogynistic and also perpetuating rape culture. Other signs simply read, “trigger warning.”

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