Ohio University professor uses Marxist theory to compare Trump and the GOP to Nazis

An Ohio University professor compared the rise of Trump to the rise of Hitler, noting similarities between contemporary America and post-World War I Germany.

Grant delivered the presentation over Zoom at the University of Cincinnati

An Ohio University professor compared the political victory of Donald Trump to the rise of Adolf Hitler in the 1930s.

At a Zoom event entitled “Why Do Fascists Continue to Use the Law? Returning to Marxist state theory to think about Trumpism,” political science professor Judith Grant alleged that “Trump is to the GOP as Hitler was to Hindenburg and the Christian Democrats.”

Grant — who teaches contemporary political and social theory — explained during the event that the lecture was based on her “new research that is part of a book length project that uses state theory to analyze the path leading up to the Trump administration and the radicalization of the GOP in the U.S.”

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Speaking to at the University of Cincinnati event, Grant argued that the January 6 riot at the United States Capitol was “not an isolated incident, but part of a series of violent right-wing insurrections against the state.” She claimed that the event was “in tandem with conspiratorial thinking overlain onto a population already suspicious of government as neutral, and the possibility of just authority.”

“January 6 is our, I think, Beer Hall Putsch, but it has a run-up with Ruby Ridge and Oklahoma City bombings,” she added later in the lecture.

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Grant explained that she started her research suspecting that comparisons between the Republican Party and the Nazis were far-fetched. Nevertheless, as her work continued, Grant came to believe that “the transition from the Weimar Republic, which is the republic that directly preceded National Socialism, that transitioned the interwar years in Germany, are really important to understand what we’re going through in the United States right now.”

Comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler are increasingly commonplace on American college campuses.

Academics at several institutions of higher education — including Princeton University, Northwestern University, and the University of Alabama — have compared the forty-fifth President to the Nazi dictator.

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