OPINION VIDEO: Students demand a refund for broken Obamacare website

How much did the government spend on the development of the HealthCare.gov insurance exchange website?

Students at Colorado State University guessed the tab was anywhere between a measly $25 to a whopping $1 million.

When the real cost of around $400 million were revealed, students demanded a refund.

WATCH: Students want refund for HealthCare.gov

Reported costs for the development of HealthCare.gov have varied. CGI Federal, a subsidiary of the Canadian firm CGI Group, won a $93.7 million contract to build the health insurance exchange website in 2011.

At least 55 contractors were hired to work on the site which has encountered a myriad of technical glitches.

Initial reports incorrectly approximated HealthCare.gov cost upwards of $634 million. Current reports estimate HealthCare.gov development costs exceeded $400 million. 

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