Oregon, Ohio State students celebrate National Championship with bongs and booze

Students grabbed condoms, alcohol, and bongs, in an attempt to win ticket to tonight’s game.

In honor of the Oregon vs. Ohio State National football game, television host Jimmy Kimmel had students race to find humorous items around their house.

Students at the University of Oregon and Ohio State University are gearing up for tonight’s College Football Playoff National Championship Game and Jimmy Kimmel had a unique way of encouraging students to display their school pride.

During the Jan. 8th showing of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel had a student from each school face off in a scavenger hunt to find the funniest objects lying around their house which they would then show the studio audience via Skype.

The students competed in three rounds: “the last thing your parents sent you,” “something you wouldn’t want your mom to know you have,” and were told to decorate their face with their school colors with anything they could find.

After hustling around their living quarters, the students displayed condoms, bongs, and alcohol. Both students were awarded with free tickets to the game for their efforts.

The Ohio State Buckeyes are set to take on Oregon Ducks in Arlington, TX at 7:30 p.m. local time this evening.

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