Oregon State U offers separate 'social justice retreats' for 'Multiracial/ethnic' individuals and 'White-identified students'

​Oregon State University is offering "social justice retreats" for specific identity groups.

Oregon State University is offering “social justice retreats” for specific identity groups.

Several departments at Oregon State University, including the Office of Institutional Diversity, University Housing & Dining Services, and Diversity & Cultural Engagement host the retreats, which have been happening since at least 2016, when Campus Refom last reported on them.

Among the retreats is one targeted towards students of color called the “Racial Aikido Retreat,” which focuses on “community-building, the recognition of identity and racism, and response and replenishment to these realities,” according to the university webpage.

Another retreat, the Multiracial & Transracial Aikido, which is part of “Mixed Beaves” at OSU, is meant for”Multiracial/ethnic, Biracial, Multitribal, Transracial Adoptee, or mixed heritage people to deepen our understanding of our mixed heritage identities, and reflect on our responsibilities as change agents.” The retreat will take place on April 27.

”Examining White Identity” is another retreat “designed” for students who are White-identified” to “deepen their understanding of and commitment to racial justice work and anti-racism practice.”

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The retreat, which took place on Feb. 10, was part of a “movement to grow a community of White-identified students committed to racial justice at OSU,” according to the university website.

”In past retreats and online offerings, participants engaged in storytelling, dialogue, embodiment exercises, and more in order to gain strategies and tools for engaging in racial justice conversations, disrupting racism, and identifying next steps on their personal journeys. Together, we explored how anchoring this work to love increases our ability to develop authentic relationships and sustain engagement over the long term,” the university said of past social justice retreats for White students.

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A disclaimer at the bottom of the webpage states that all retreats are “inclusive to all who are committed to transformative learning.”

Campus Reform has reached out to Oregon State University for comment.