OSU prof goes on anti-Republican tirade in class

An Ohio State University professor recently slammed the entire panel of 2016 GOP primary candidates in an inexplicable 15-minute rant. 

Starting with Sen. Ted Cruz, Dr. Nathaniel Swigger mocked the Texas senator’s apparent attempts “to be human,” according to a student who provided Campus Reform with video footage of the incident.

“And his attempts to be human, just, are so bad.  He released a family video for his campaign in which they did interviews with his children, and his parents, and his wife, and then the campaign also released outtakes of it because they thought that would be humanizing, and the outtakes were just horrifying,” Swigger remarked before setting his sights on Sen. Marco Rubio, according to a recording of the February 28 lecture obtained by Campus Reform. 

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“Oh, God. And then there’s Rubio,” he began. “You know how there are some sports teams or some people who just look really good on paper? That’s Marco Rubio.” 

“Marco Rubio is the guy that you would look at on paper, and think ‘Oh, yeah. Totally, they should nominate him. He’s gonna win. He’d be great,’” he continued, suggesting that Rubio has “great conservative credentials,” such as being “strongly pro-life,” “anti-gay,” and “all that good stuff.” 

He concluded his discussion of Rubio by doing the “polite thing” of arguing that Rubio has “street smarts, not necessarily book smarts.” 

“So, as you look across this field of mostly men, you start to realize why there were 17 candidates in the race, because they mostly kind of started looking around, going, ‘I can beat those guys. They’re not all that impressive,’” Swigger suggested, adding that he thinks Kasich entered the race because he realized he wasn’t “an idiot,” unlike the rest of the field. 

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Unsurprisingly, he concluded his rant by discussing President Trump, whom he thinks most people just assumed was “going to go away on his own.” 

“They thought there’s no way. Voters will turn on him when it turns out he won’t release his tax returns, because obviously we’re not going to elect a president who won’t tell us something as basic as how much money do you have, and how much money do you owe, and who do you owe it to, and who are you in business with,” he argued, then added that Trump’s “long history of sex scandals, some of which were not consensual,” should have sunk his campaign. 

“Or, the overt racism. That’ll definitely sink him. Or the fact that he has no idea what he’s talking about. Well, that’ll definitely sink him,” he continued, finally discussing “the race thing.” 

“In a general election, being a racist will really hurt you. You know, there are actual ethnic minorities who, you know, won’t want to vote for somebody who’s a white nationalist,” Swigger remarked, claiming that in “a Republican primary, you have overwhelmingly white voters,” so “you can say a lot of overtly racist things.” 

Swigger did not provide comment to Campus Reform about the incident.

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