Paul Gosar calls on American University to handle 'harassment' against his student employee

A video obtained by Campus Reform shows a mob being chased away after harassing a conservative student on American University’s campus.

Faith Graham is a first-semester student at AU and is already planning on transferring out due to the backlash she has received.

Congressman Paul Gosar, Graham’s employer, spoke out against AU for allowing this type of behavior to take place on campus.

Faith Graham is a first-semester student at American University, located in Washington, D.C. Since the beginning of her college career, Graham has reportedly received a notable amount of backlash from peers and professors due to her conservative views and positions. 

In the past, Graham has spoken at rallies in support of President Donald J. Trump. She also currently works for Republican Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona, helping to produce his ‘Gosar Minute’ segments. 

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Recently, Graham says she was greeted by an angry “mob” of students outside her dorm room.  

“A mob showed up to my dorm room pounding on my door, yelling profanity, telling me I should not be there, and that I am not welcome,” Graham revealed. “A second, even larger group showed up and continued the foul and offensive behavior.”

”The students visited my dorm because I’m simply a conservative. I have pictures on my Instagram with President Trump, and have spoken at his rallies in the 2016 campaign. People find that out and target me,” she added.

Graham says she has, “never seen or spoken to any of the individuals that targeted me.”

Video obtained by Campus Reform shows a mob of shouting students leaving the area after the altercation.

“It’s not funny. This is where we live. It’s not funny, get out,” a defender of Graham can be heard saying in the video.

In response, a member of the mob says, “It’s kind of funny.”

At the end of the video, a student alleges that the protestors, “came on this floor to harass Faith.”

American University student Lauren Cayle confirmed these events to Campus Reform. 

“Her car had been vandalized four times where people put chewed gum on her car, drew on it, tried to remove stickers, and even added their own inappropriate stickers to her car,” Cayle said.

Cayle was also present at the time the mob harassed Graham at her dorm. 

“One of the main forms of harassment was when people found out where she lived and came to physically harass her at her dorm,” Cayle said. “It was completely uncalled for and after the mob had been told to leave they came back with a larger group to bother her and ruin her night.”

“My message to the students is what were they trying to accomplish, what does that help?,” Graham told Campus Reform, telling her peers “It shows your true character and you perfectly exemplify the student body at AU. I hope you feel good about yourself, and I will keep you in my prayers.”

Graham also says her “car has been vandalized because of [her] Trump stickers.”

Graham provided video to Campus Reform showing various forms of alleged vandalism to her vehicle, including gum, marker, and a sticker that read “bimbo university.”

Graham also claims that she, “Has been singled out in class,” for her Mormon religion, “by teachers and badgered for white privilege.”

Graham wants her university to know “that the culture at AU is toxic.”

“There is no diversity of thought,” she added. “Conservatives are uncomfortable on campus, or scared to be proud of their views or be a part of their own community on campus because they do not want to be targeted and harassed the way that I have been. This is wrong.”

Graham says her experience at AU has driven her to seek a transfer to Brigham Young University.

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Congressman Gosar told Campus Reform that the “harassment and bullying” his employee is receiving on campus is “disturbing.”

It is disturbing and wrong that an important member of my team is being harassed simply because of her conservative beliefs and Christian faith,” Gosar said. “American University has failed repeatedly to protect her safety and has done nothing about the sustained harassment she has faced.”

“No one should be the subject of such intolerance. I implore the administration and faculty of American University to immediately condemn this behavior and pledge to protect the students from assault, harassment, and bullying,” Gosar added.

Shira Cohen, another student at American University, shared her perspective on Graham’s experiences on campus. 

“I think it’s awful that she was mobbed due to her conservative values,” Cohen told Campus Reform. “I’m also conservative and we may not agree on everything, I am pro-choice for example and she’s pro-life, but that’s never a reason to mob anyone.”

Cohen said that while it is “completely awful that they were disrespecting her like that,” she was “not at all” surprised, adding, “Some students here are horrible.”

Campus Reform reached out to American University for comment but did not receive a response.

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