'PC Madness Bracket' ranks campus craziness

REGION 1: More-muscle mountains

#1 Seed: Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University’s Writing Center now advises students to include disclaimers on academic papers indicating that they are using gender-neutral pronouns in an effort “to be inclusive.”


#8 Seed: University of Maryland

UMD tells students to avoid terms with ‘man’ in them, such as ‘freshman’ and ‘chairman’ because this assumes that women cannot perform these roles.

Winner: University of Maryland

#2 Seed: University of California, Davis

A glossary of popular social-justice themed terms, and some not so popular, published by the University of California, Davis plainly asserts that only white people are capable of racism.


#7 Seed: Bates College

Bates College has produced a guide for faculty on “creating an inclusive classroom environment” that advises the use of “partner” in place of “husband or wife.”

Winner: UC-Davis

#3 Seed: University of Wisconsin-River Falls

The University of Wisconsin, River Falls is cracking down on potentially offensive language by telling students to “check yourself” before using terms such as “illegal alien,” “ugly,” or even “you guys.”


#6 Seed: University of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina’s writing center is asking students to refrain from using masculine terms such as “manmade” or even “sir,” instead suggesting more gender-neutral words like “machine made” in their place.

Winner: UW-River Falls

#4 Seed: University of Maryland

The University of Maryland has created a website to welcome illegal immigrant students and teach the campus community to use "inclusive language" so as not to offend them.


#5 Seed: Emerson College

Emerson College now considers the term “homosexual” to be an offensive reference to gay or lesbian people, deeming only the latter two terms sufficiently inclusive.

Winner: Emerson College

REGION 2: TrigglyPuff Tundra

#1 Seed: University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas now asks its students to avoid referring to millennials as “lazier than previous generations” because such “phrasing” could be “seen as offensive” or even “biased.”


#8 Seed: Cornell University

Cornell University’s Law Review now encourages the “use of gender-neutral language” in all submissions.

Winner: University of Arkansas

#2 Seed: University of Arizona

A University of Arizona classroom dialogue guide encourages professors to use the “Oops/ouch method,” where students who are offended in class say “ouch” and the offender responds with “oops.”


#7 Seed: Harvard University

Harvard’s Extension School has provided students with “four easy steps” to using inclusive language, arguing that such language is “essential to any high-functioning workplace.”

Winner: University of Arizona

#3 Seed: University of Nebraska

In an effort to thwart the “oppressive” gender binary, the University of Nebraska-Omaha has provided its students with a handy guide to “queer and trans community language.”

The glossary includes a "Gender Unicorn" worksheet that students can use to determine their exactly where they fit on the gender-identity spectrum.


#6 Seed: University of Dayton

The University of Dayton has provided its students with a guide on “gender neutral language,” saying phrases like “gentlemen’s agreement” should be replace with “informal agreement” or “contract” while “spouse, partner, [and] significant other” should be used instead of “husband” and “wife.”

Winner: University of Nebraska

#4 Seed: Bethel University

Bethel University is encouraging its faculty “to be clear in our Christian witness” by eschewing masculine terminology, despite the Bible consistently referring to humans as “man” or “mankind.”


#5 Seed: University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut’s “Rainbow Center” wants to create a “new campus norm where everyone shares their pronouns with their name,” saying students should avoid “utilizing only binary language” like “sir,” “you guys,” and “ma’am.”

Winner: Bethel University

CHAMPIONSHIP: Emerson College vs. The University of Arkansas

Campus Reform has selected Emerson College and The University of Arkansas as the finalists in this year’s PC-Madness Bracket, and based on YOUR votes, Emerson has emerged as the winner, besting UA in a rout.

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