Penn State creates new chief diversity officer position, won't reveal how much it pays

Penn State University is creating a new "chief diversity officer" position, but won't disclose how much they're being paid.

The new position is part of wider initiative to “address racism” throughout the University.

Pennsylvania State University plans to create a new chief diversity officer position, among other initiatives to “address racism, bias, and community safety.”

When asked about what the salary was for this position, a spokesperson for the university said that the position hasn’t officially been created, and “salaries at Penn State are considered confidential.”

Campus Reform also attempted to file a Freedom of Information Act Request with Pennsylvania State University, but that was denied because most Pennsylvania public colleges and universities are, in most cases, exempted from FOIA law.

The creation of the new position is among a plethora of new proposed initiatives, as well as part of a wider plan the university has to “address racism.”

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In his letter to the Penn State Community, university president Eric Barron pointed out various goals which include creating “a chief diversity officer position,” which would be assigned the duties of “coordinating and maximizing the effectiveness of our programs and our staff.”

In addition to the commitment to create this new position among the administration, the administration also will “Complete a full inventory of Penn State’s investment in diversity, equity and inclusion programs,” in addition to having “staff in order to discover gaps in our investments and to create more effective programs;”

The duties charged to the chief diversity officer will be plenty, with the administration hoping that the role will help to develop a “stronger system of accountability” with staff having to report “to the chief diversity officer as a centralized function and institutional priority.”

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The letter further dives into how Penn States plans to address diversity, announcing that the university plans to create a new center “dedicated to anti-racist, anti-bias pedagogy and scholarly research.” 

Barron further stated the administration will proudly “financially support the development of an enterprise dedicated to anti-racist, anti-bias pedagogy and scholarly research and is committed to attracting an outstanding leader for this effort.”

Barron also said that he wants to make “diversity, equity and inclusion as a mandatory element of education,” stating that he “endorses” a push to incorporate “diversity, equity and inclusion into the learning commitment required for a Penn State degree.”

Campus Reform reached out to Pennsylvania State University, but did not receive a response.

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