Peterson Academy launches in November, promises better quality education at 95% lower cost

Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson recently announced their plans to launch Peterson Academy in November.

The online school aims to teach students how to think, ‘devoid of ideology.’

The launch of Peterson Academy that Dr. Jordan Peterson and his daughter Mikaila have planned would, if their promises hold up, undercut the education system by offering bachelor degrees at a hefty discount.

“What if we could make getting a degree 95% less expensive?,” Peterson quipped on his daughter’s podcast in September.

“We want to reduce the cost of a bachelor’s degree to $4,000,” Peterson declared in an interview, a clip of which was shared by the Peterson Academy in a Feb. 2 Instagram post.

“Courses, virtual classrooms, community, devoid of ideology,” the Academy describes itself. “Learn from the world’s best: how to think, not what to think.”

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Since Peterson Academy’s appearance on social media in late 2021, it has attracted an Instagram following of over 100,000 and over 30,000 followers on X.

The Academy draws vetted experts from academia to deliver four two-hour lectures on a topic of their own choosing.

“We’ve got 30 professors on board so far,” Peterson said. “I’ve been able to identify stellar lecturers from all over the world.”

A video advertisement listed among the lecturers: Heather Heying, Bret Weinstein, Warren Farell, Max Lugavere, and of course, Peterson himself.

Two or three eight-hour sessions will count for one university credit.

According to Peterson’s interview, the school is pursuing accreditation, although Peterson also told his daughter that the employers will become de facto accreditors.

“A degree from our university will signify high level conscientiousness and general cognitive ability,” Peterson said. “I think we can just skip the accreditation process and go right to the employers.”

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The Academy experience will be accompanied by an app that allows students to engage in and connect outside of class.

Peterson Academy was contacted for comment. The article will be updated accordingly.