Political harassment: See what conservatives had to face on campus in 2019

Conservatives on America's college campuses deal with constant harassment and sometimes even assault for simply speaking their minds.

Here are some of the most notable instances of students being targeted for their beliefs in just the past year.

Conservative students all over the country were harassed and assaulted on their college campuses last year. Unfortunately, these incidents are not exactly rare, but here are some of 2019’s most memorable: 

1. VIDEO: Self-identified teacher caught on camera berating conservative students

At the University of Iowa, a man who identified himself as a faculty member by saying “I teach here,” shouted obscenities at the school’s chapter of Turning Point USA.

While the chapter was tabling in order to recruit new members, the teacher debated them on socialism and gun control, at which point, he became heated. He told the club, “You’re spouting rhetorical bullsh*t that you’re pulling out of your ass.” He then failed to answer a question about the nature of assault rifles.

Later in the video, the teacher can be seen telling the students, “I don’t want to hear this Trump bullsh*t…I’m not going to be nice about this anymore.” He was later identified by students as Teaching Assistant Christopher Clough-Hunter.

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2. GOP Congressman’s son: ‘I was assaulted by socialist ‘thugs’

At North Carolina State University, the son of a North Carolina GOP congressman told Campus Reform that he had been spray-painted in the eye by a leftist club while trying to promote an event for his conservative club.

Video shows an interaction wherein Jack Bishop, son of Rep. Dan Bishop, was spray-painting NC State’s Free Expression Tunnel with his conservative club to promote their upcoming event “Culture Wars” when a leftist club began spray-painting over their work. Bishop stepped in front of his work to protect it, and says that one of the leftist students decided to give him “a brief spray in the eye.”

3. VIDEO: Leftists taunt conservative students

At Binghamton University in New York, two conservative students, in the midst of tabling, were surrounded by leftists, who screamed obscenities and dismantled their table.

The video shows protesters screaming and closing in on the two students. One protester repeatedly asks one of the conservative students, “Why are you shaking… you’re a f**king p**sy.” 

After the incident, one conservative student told Campus Reform that the police warned her to “have someone with you at all times.”

4. ‘Not a good look’: Video captures moment leftists confront campus conservatives

At California State University-Chico, a group of leftist students interrupted members of the university’s chapter of College Republicans while they were tabling and proceeded to hit the CR president in the face with signs.

After taking down the club’s banner, one of the leftist protesters told CR president Michael Curry to “get the f**k out of my f**king personal space” while hitting him in the face with a sign. The protester then went into an expletive rage about her personal space before lying down and asking the police to call her an ambulance.

5. EXCLUSIVE: Conservative student alleges leftist violently attacked him (VIDEO)

At Sacramento State University, a conservative student caught a leftist violent attacking him on video.

Floyd Johnson, the California College Republicans Director of Activism, captured the violent interaction and told Campus Reform he felt the interaction was “politically motivated.” In the video, the assailant screams, “Motherf**ker, you’re going to end up f**king dead,” as he verbally and physically assaults Johnson. Johnson also reports that the assailant called him “Uncle Tom” after the encounter.

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